July 31, 2008 - As seen in Fort Collins Coloradoan Newspaper:
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Fort Collins' gym ranks among state's best after renovations

BY HAP FRY • HapFry@coloradoan.com • July 31, 2008

It's still too early to think about basketball - football and other fall sports are around the corner - but once the high school hoops season does begin, the Fort Collins High School boys and girls teams just might be playing on the best court in the state.

The gymnasium has undergone renovations the past two years that have exceeded $65,000, making it comparable with any of the top gyms in the state.

"We hope it rates as one of the nicest in the state, and that was our goal when we started out," Fort Collins athletic director Rob Larson said. "If it's not the best in the state, hopefully it's the best in the Front Range League."

Improvements made to the facility were a new scoreboard ($32,000), resurfaced floor ($25,000), new padded mats behind each basket ($5,000) and a new scorer's table ($3,500), which seats up to eight.

The scoreboard was installed in 2007, while the renovations and additions recently were completed.

"Your gym is your focal point of your entire school," Larson said. "That's why it was important for us to get it done."

Fort Collins assistant principal Tom Myers helped come up with the design for the new gym that includes a darker-stained area inside the 3-point lines and the school mascot Clyde in the center circle.

"We were just trying to go for something that looked timeless and classy," said Myers, who began designs for the court four years ago on his computer. "I just kind of kept updating it. We're just happy that it got done. It turned out amazing."

The Poudre School District financed the bulk of the cost, but Larson said this year's graduating class and the 2009 graduating class, along with the basketball, volleyball and wrestling booster clubs and some business sponsors, helped pay some of the cost.

"That's really the neatest thing about all this - just all the groups that came together to make this possible," Larson said.

Fort Collins also had its auxiliary gym floor resurfaced and some padded mats added.

Rocky Mountain did not have any work done to its auxiliary gym, but the Lobos' big gym was resurfaced just like Fort Collins.

"It really looks nice," Rocky Mountain athletic director Wayne Moddelmog said. "It's pretty much the same, but we've got a big RM in the center circle now."

Woodpride Flooring, a Denver-based company, was the group hired by PSD to resurface the courts at Fort Collins and Rocky Mountain.

PSD custodial manager Alan Boatright said the renovated courts are now water-based floors instead of oil-based floors.

"It's a green product," Boatright said. "It's more environmental, it's easier to take care of and it's an easier product to work with."

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